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Icicle Conservation Banquet

Sept. 27, 2014

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Fishing at the Net Pens January, 2010

To see more, click on each link: NP01, NP02, NP03, NP04, NP05, NP06, NP07, NP08, NP09, NP10, NetPens.pdf (you must have Adobe Reader to view).

Fishing on the Wenatchee River 2009

Caught in the Wenatchee River in January by Jeff Stroup. Male 32", 11#. Female 31", 10.5#. Two great fishing days with Jim on the Wenatchee. I think they might be mates.

Annual Banquet 2009

Here are some pictures of our annual conservation banquet and auction.  The event was held on 9/26/09 at the Leavenworth FestHalle.  Bob Stroup was the Master of Ceremonies.

To see more, click on each link: Bob Stroup, FestHalle set-up, live auction items, one of the silent auction tables, Conservation Grant recipients David Rayfield and Whitney West.

August 31, 2009, Fishing Day at Fish Lake

To see more, click on each link: FD01.8.09, FD02.8.09, FD03.8.09, FD04.8.09, FD05.8.09, FD06.8.09, FD07.8.09, FD08.8.09, FD09.8.09, FD10.8.09, FD11.8.09, FD12.8.09, FD13.8.09

The PUD dumped 53,000 steelhead in the pond on March 27th. They are doing great and will be released sometime in May. We will then clean the pond and bring in cutthroat for the kids for our opening fish derby in June sponsored by Der Sportsmann.

To see more, click on each link: FishPond01, FishPond02, FishPond03, FishPond04, FishPond05, FishPond06, FishPond07, FishPond08, FishPond09, FishPond10, FishPond11.

More progress on ICTU's Blackbird Island acclimation pond. Pictures of pond inlet (rock beds), improvements to the ponds outlet, and opening the outlet to the Wenatchee River today. Congrats to all who have made this dream become a reality.

To see more, click on each link: AP01, AP02, AP03, AP04, AP05, AP06, AP07, AP08, AP09, AP10, AP11, AP12, AP13, AP14, AP15, AP16, AP17, AP18, AP19, AP20, AP21, AP22, AP23, AP24, AP25, AP26, AP27, AP28, AP29, AP30, AP31, AP32, AP33, AP34, AP35, AP36, AP37, AP38, AP39, AP40.

Fishing Action on the barge.


Bob Stroup and Rollie Schmitten. 


Bob and friend.


George Lang, Bob Stroup, Bill Wadlington

The boys

Fishing Day at the Kid's Pond

Bob Stroup 
Bill Wadlington Lots of Fish


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