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Icicle Conservation Banquet

Sept. 27, 2014

NCW Fishing

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NCW Fishing

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Red's Fly Shop


Welcome to Icicle Valley Trout Unlimited Website and thanks for clicking in for a look; we won’t keep you long. 

Our chapter is part of the national Trout Unlimited organization, one dedicated to caring for and preserving the environment which support America’s coldwater fisheries, like the pristine waters of the Wenatchee River, which runs right through our scenic Cascade mountain town of Leavenworth. 

One reason the pristine waters of the Wenatchee and its tributaries are so special is that there are three species of endangered fish that live in and travel through its waters: Bull Trout, King Salmon, and Steelhead Trout. TU is focused on conserving, protecting and restoring these wonderful native fish for future generations to enjoy. 

There are many opportunities throughout the year to fish for trout, salmon and steelhead from Leavenworth and TU is proud to partner up with recreational fishing companies, such as Red’s Fly Shop, which share our values in the “how to” classes and guide services they offer to visitors to our area. 

We are confident that you will have such a great time fishing the waters around Leavenworth that when you return home, you’ll continue to fly fish and get involved in your local TU chapter to help preserve the coldwater fisheries in your area. Think about it. 

So click on through to Red’s web page to see the current fly fishing adventures waiting for you within a day’s reach of Leavenworth: Wenatchee River Guided Fly Fishing Trips - Leavenworth Area Fly Fishing

Here’s hoping that your fly fishing experience with Red’s will be a trout unlimited day!



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