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Sept. 27, 2014

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The Icicle Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited was chartered in September, 1982. The original Chapter consisted of 12 members. Today it has grown to nearly 100 members, and nationwide, Trout Unlimited has over 110,000 members. There are 33 T.U. chapters in the State of Washington, and they belong to the Washington Council of Trout Unlimited ("WCTU").

The Icicle Valley Chapter received the WCTU’s Steelhead Trout Award in 1984 in recognition of being the most outstanding chapter in Washington State. 

We also received a national award for having the most successful first-year T.U. Conservation Banquet in 1986. 

In 1988, the Chapter received the WCTU Award for the most outstanding newsletter. 

In 1992, our Icicle Valley Chapter was recognized as being co-winner of the Washington State Silver Trout Award. This was for the construction of the handicapped fishing platform and ramp on the Icicle River. 

In 2001, we received a Letter of Commendation from the Washington State Salmon Recovery Board for work on over $1 million in fish restoration work in Chelan County. Also in 2001, we completed our T.U. Kid’s Fishing Pond with over 3,000 trout supplied for kids 15 years and younger to go fishing. But that’s not all. 

In July 2002, we received recognition and a grant of $8,000 from Alcoa Company with B.P.A. funding to put together fishing benches, signage, and a kids fish biology program using the T.U. pond, the Blackbird Island Fish Channel, and Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery. 

In 2004, we worked with the "Little Kids Science Program" for Summer School, and used our very fine T.U. Kid’s Fishing Pond signs to complement the program. 

We started 2005 by hosting the State WCTU Board Meeting in June, and participated in the Kids Fishing Day at the Leavenworth Fish Hatchery where hundreds of kids caught their first fish ever! What could be more rewarding!

In 2006 we held a fish barbecue at the Wenatchee River Salmon Festival. We offered a $1,000 reward for evidence leading to the arrest of individuals responsible for the theft of adult spring salmon the LNFH. Also began working with WDFW, NOAA, Chelan County PUD, Grant County PUD, Federal Fly Fishers, and Entiat River landowners on acclimation and conservation sites along the Columbia River and its estuaries.

In 2007 we have continued our work toward a kids/acclimation site at Blackbird Island and installed electricity to the site. Our chapter, along with the Leavenworth Golf Course and the City of Leavenworth, are working for installation of this facility in 2008. Our club also purchased aquariums for the 4th grade science program in the Cascade School District. The chapter, along with the Leavenworth National Fish Hatchery and the Barn Beach Reserve, developed lessons on fish and fish habitat for science. This is the first in a cooperative effort to create interest and hands on activities for youth. This program’s ultimate goal is to create an outside science laboratory for the youth of the Upper Valley. In 2008 we plan on expansion to the Cashmere School District.

In 2008 the Icicle Chapter of Trout Unlimited's main effort of concentration will be to finish our kids/acclimation pond and continue our effort with youth projects. We will keep you informed and if you would like to join us check our Web page under membership

In 2009 we officially open the Blackbird Acclimation/Kids Fishing Pond. This eight year effort was made possible with partnerships with the Chelan County PUD, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and the City of Leavenworth. The screened facility will permit the acclimation of Wenatchee River steelhead for imprinting for three months and juvenile fishing (15 yrs. and younger) for the remaining fishing season.

We held our first kids fishing derby in late June. 2009 was also the first year of a project started by a Cascade High School senior Whitney West in a fishing derby for challenged youth on Fish Lake. The project was in cooperation with Upper Valley Connection and will become an annual event.

Our club also partnered Chelan County Department of Natural Resources and the Leavenworth Golf Course on a riparian project along the Wenatchee River. This project will provide bank protection and create a forested buffer of native vegetation for enhanced habitat.

2009 also brought about a change in the location of our Conservation Banquet to the Leavenworth Festhalle. This provided us the opportunity to expand the size of our banquet and change the date to correspond with the fall festivals in Leavenworth.

In 2010 the chapter continued to support habitat projects in North Central Washington. We partnered with Ponderosa Estates located in the upper Wenatchee River Basin. This project will improve habitat along the development's Wenatchee River site.

In 2010 we expanded our “Salmon in the Classroom” program. This brought four schools in North Central Washington into our program. Osborne Elementary in Leavenworth; Peshastin Elementary in Peshastin; Vale Elementary in Cashmere; and Entiat Elementary in Entiat. We also laid the foundation for further expansion into other districts in our area.

We are looking forward to 2011 with projects relating to our mission: To conserve, protect and restore North Central Washington cold water fisheries and their watersheds.




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